Mohit Baghel status whatsapp status dialogues 2020

Mohit Baghel status whatsapp status dialogues 2020 in hindi and english :-

The year 2020 has been a really sad one for Bollywood after the industry lost some of its brightest stars. Yet again another loss to the industry has taken place with the death of a young and talented actor. Television and film actor Mohit Baghel passed away on Saturday after succumbing to cancer. The 26 year old was known for his role of Amar Chaudhary junior in the 2011 film Ready in which he is share the screen space with Bollywood superstar Salman Mohit Baghel status whatsapp status dialogues 2020.

Mohit Baghel status in hindi :-

“एक दिन हम भी कफ़न ओढ़ जायेंगे,

सब रिश्ता इस जमीन के तोड़ जायेंगे, जैसे
जी चाहे सता लो मुझको,
एक दिन रोता हुआ सबको छोड़ जायेंगे।”

Mohit Baghel status

” यूँ तो हादसों में गुजरी है हमारी ज़िन्दगी,
हादसा ये भी कम नहीं कि हमें मौत न मिली।”

Mohit Baghel whatsapp status

“वादे तो हजारों किये थे उसने मुझसे,
काश एक वादा ही उसने निभाया होता,
मौत का किसको पता कि कब आएगी,
पर काश उसने ज़िन्दा जलाया न होता।”

Mohit Baghel status whatsapp status

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“तमाम उम्र जो हमसे बेरुखी की सबने,
कफ़न में हम भी अजीज़ों से मुँह छुपा के चले।”

Mohit Baghel status 2020

Mohit Baghel quotes and shayari in english :-

“Yun To Haadson Mein Gujri Hai Humari Zindagi,
Haadsa Ye Bhi Kam Nahi Ki Humein Maut Na Mili.”

“Lambi Umar Ki Duaa Mere Liye Na Maang,
Aisa Na Ho Ki Tum Bhi Chhod Do Aur Maut Bhi Na Aaye.”

“Vaade To HaJaaron Kiye The Usne Mujhse,
Kaash Ek Vaada Hi Usne Nibhaya Hota,
Maut Ka Kisko Pata Ki Kab Aayegi,
Par Kaash Usne Zinda Jalaya Na Hota.”

Mohit Baghel is a very good actor. He is a very good person.In truth, few actors can claim to have mastered both genres as well as Irrfan Khan. he said Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect.

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