World hypertension day status whatsapp status images

World hypertension day status whatsapp status images 2021 in hindi and english :-

World hypertension day status whatsapp status images 2021. WHD was first inaugurated in May 2005. it is a high blood pressure condition and causes various health problems like heart disease and stroke. In high blood pressure force on the arteries is higher and usually, it has no signs or symptoms. This day encourage citizens of all countries to prevent and control it. Hypertension is also known as a silent killer, the modern epidemic. World Hypertension Day is observed on May 17 every year to spread awareness about the disease that the World Health Organisation calls a “silent killer” and “global public health issue.” The theme of this year’s World Hypertension Day is Know Your Numbers. It aims to increase high blood pressure awareness in all populations around the all world, according to the World Hypertension League.

World hypertension day status in hindi :-

” स्वस्थ जीवन के लिए प्रकृति ने दिए उपहार, नियमित सेवन से तनाव से मुक्त रहने में हैं मददगार ।”

World hypertension day status

” तुम Blood pressure, मैं पारा हूँ,
तुम्हारे उतार चढ़ाव को मैं देख पा रहा हूँ।”
World hypertension day images
” कोई समझाओ दौर खत्म हो जाएगी जिन्दगी की,
धडकनो में शर्त लगी हुई हैं आगे निकल जाने की।”
World hypertension day status whatsapp status

hypertension day quotes sms in english :-

” When a physician remarked on a new patient’s extraordinarily ruddy complexion, he said, “High blood pressure, Doc. It comes from my family.”
” Dil bechain hai , ghabrahat bhi urooj pe hai,
Dawa mat lao dost , bas koi ek achi khabar sunado ! Happy World hypertension day 2021.”

” The main cause of Hypertension in each n’ every human is the Pressure to achieve his goals of their duty or in Life.

But sometimes it’s better bcuz when string of a bow is in more hyper-tied the arrow travel more.”

” If I’m kind to you it doesn’t mean I can never be rude to you. World hypertension day 2021.”
Apko aur apke parivar ko World hypertension day 2021 ki dher sari subhkamnaye.

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