PUBG ban whatsapp status 2020

PUBG ban whatsapp status in hindi and english :-

Indian government on Monday evening said it was banning 118 apps developed by Chinese firms over concerns that these many Chinese apps were engaging in activities that threatened “national security and defence of India, which ultimately impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India”. The Centre has blocked 118 Chinese apps with Chinese links that included the hugely popular pubg amid a huge economic backlash against China following the June 15 clashes at Ladakh in which 20 Indian soldiers died in action. Sources said inputs from intelligence agencies suggested that the apps have been violating the terms of usage, compromising users privacy, and being used as spyware or malware. Within minutes of the announcement, the Indian government’s pubg account MyGov, which had 1.1 million followers, was totally disabled. pubg ban whatsapp status 2020.

PUBG ban status in hindi :-

” पूरा बदन काँप रहा था ,
जब खबर मिली तेरे साथ
राते कोई दूसरा काट रहा था ।”
PUBG ban whatsapp status
” तुम निकलो तो मेरी खोज में
मैं यही कही मिल जाऊंगा।
लेकिन एक शर्त पर मिलूंगा मैं
तुम खोजने मुझे ही निकालना। “
” आधी लिखूँगा, मगर हर बात लिख दूंगा’
तुम गालिया मत देना मेरी पीठ के पीछे’
उठा ली कलम तो तुम्हारी औकात लिख दूंगा।”
” कोन कहता है कि
मोहब्ब्त करने वाले आंसू बहाते हैं,
कभी Tik Tok चलाया है,
वहा तो लोग ग़म में आंसू तो क्या
पूरा नाला बहा देते हैं।” 
” Aaj Bura Hai
Kal Achchha Aaega
Vaqt Hee to Hai Gujar Jaayega.”
PUBG ban status
” Parakhata to Vakt Hai,
Kabhee Haalaat Ke Roop Mein ,
Kabhee Majabooreeyon Ke Roop Me.”
” Na Hame Tik-Tok Ne Loota.
Na Pubg Mein Dam Tha.
Kyonki Mera to Donon Mein Man Nahee Tha.”
” Raakh Ko Dekhakar Phoonk Mat Lagao,
Sulagatee Aag to Andar Baakee Hai.
In Phavvaaron Mein Kyon Badan Geela Karate Ho Doston,
Baadalon Ka Phatana to Abhee Baakee Hai.”

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